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Waking up can be a challenge
and managing to stay awake can be a daunting task.

The Artworks of Anthony H. Brown

Who am I?

I am your neighbor, your friend, cousin, brother, father, or co-worker.

What have I become?

I have become a scholar-practitioner of Industrial Organizational Psychology and a classically trained Master of Fine Art.
Why are you here?

You are here to view, purchase, or have commissioned an original artwork or Giclee print. Ultimately, we have connected to start, continue, or change our relationship.


we have connected to start, continue, or change our relationship.

Test Facts & Fiction


An apple is drawn to appear fresh without blemishes, yet its skin is painted orange. A strip of scotch tape is used to hold down tarp that comes loose when a strong wind blows


My artwork depicts a segment of life often thought to be overlooked. These overlooked facets of life expose how we arrange our lives and how we neglect that what is obvious about our lives.

Art & Healing

The Abstraction of an unhealed Expression

Creativity is a freeing and transformative process that helps with controlling negative thoughts and actions. We benefit physically and psychologically from allowing creativity to help heal us. Rather the question is how do we accomplish healing? How do we channel creative energy in this way? How do we turn artistic actions into healing properties? The answer is being willing to make self-awareness a goal.

Painting & Drawing

Clown 1976

A beginning step toward discovering self-awareness

I have looked into the eyes and at the hands of people who would not consider themselves an artist, and have seen them create breathtaking works of art.

I have witness originality being shaped by the hands of those new to the use of brushes, paints, and pencils and have experienced the pouring out of creativity.

I have witness people who knew nothing about the texture of the paper or about what textures best give drawings and paintings that extra appeal.

Throughout, everyday people discover healing powers in the use of artist tools to bring forth self-awareness and a new appreciation for art’s healing powers.

Color & Form

Pastel and Tempera Painting

A Colorful Tree

Some properties work together while others will never work together.

With all things being equal what is Color? Is color a property that works together to help us accept reality? Color does help us identify a form, but what is a form? Is a form a property of color or is the color of a form a property of something real?

The fact might be that color is subjective. A form also is subjective. Color increases the likelihood that a form exists. Forms exist without color, but it is imaginative.

A black and white image is familiar, but a color image of the same image is also familiar? Again subjective. Is a form of an image or the color of an image that make it real?


Elegant Themes

“Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.”

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